Because I came to United States 5 years ago (7th grade 2nd semester), my English is not as sufficient as others’. I took Oct SAT and got M:800, R:460, and G:640 (Total:1900). Would my score be a “bad” score for colleges with 1900 SAT scores because the range between my reading score and math score is too big? Would it be a problem? Would it “justify”?

First, I should say that I’m not an authority on this stuff: I help people raise their scores, but I don’t really know a lot about how schools use those scores. Take the following with a grain of salt.

Most schools look at scores individually—they’re more concerned with your skills in reading, math, and writing than they are with your total score. Your scores tell a clear story: that you’re a very bright student (can’t get an 800 math without being extremely bright) but that your English isn’t fully developed. Depending on the kind of school you’re applying to, that might matter a lot, or it might not. If you’re applying to an engineering program, they’ll probably care less than if you’re applying to a creative writing program.

The best advice I can give (again, really just going from my gut feelings here, not data) is that you should make sure the rest of your application (i.e. personal statements, recommendations) reflects your story. This will serve the double purpose of helping the admissions office see you as a person with an interesting background, and explaining that score discrepancy.

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