My essay score was higher when I used one personal example and one historical example than when I used to literature examples. (I expected my score to be higher with literature examples and lower with personal and historical example…) Can you tell me a way or a format to write body paragraphs with literature examples?

There are lots of reasons other than the kinds of examples you used that almost certainly had more of an impact on your score. For example, how well did the examples fit the prompt? How well did you tie them into an argument? Did you make any grammar errors like you did in this question? 🙂

For many people, fitting meaningful personal examples into an argument is easier than trying to squeeze examples from literature, which might not feel like as good of a fit, into the same argument. It’s not that there’s a way to write a literature example body paragraph that’s any different than any other paragraph—it’s the selection of the example that matters.

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