Hello Mike! Could you please tell me, what is the answer of Question 16, Section 4, Test 3? Thank you veery much for your help and time.

The answer is -2, and here’s why. They’re asking you to find a value of x for which f(x)+g(x)=0. That can only happen when f(x)=-g(x). So you’re looking for a place on the graph where f curve and the g curve are the exact same distance from the x-axis.

The vertices of the graphs of f(x) and g(x) are (-2,-2) and (-2,2), respectively. In other words, when x=-2, the graphs of f(x) and g(x) are the same distances from the x-axis. In other words, f(-2)=-2, g(-2)=2, and therefore f(-2)+g(-2)=0


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