I just bought your book and with it in tow, I am learning a lot of helpful, useful ways to do SAT math. Thank you.
Here are my questions, all calculator related:
1. Since I am new to using a calculator, would you recommend the TI83 plus for the SAT?
2. If not, which calculator do you recommend.
3. Is there a book, website, or other media source you would recommend to learn calculator skills with ease and accuracy?
4.Which calculator functions do you recommend mastering before taking the SAT?

I like the TI-83 Plus. That’s the calculator I use personally; all the calculator screenshots you’ll find in my book are from my TI-83 Plus. So if you’re using my book to help you learn to use the calculator, that’s a good thing. The TI-84 series calculators are also great and have basically the same menus, etc.

I don’t have a particular calculator source other than my own book. The calculator will help you lots, but my advice is to search out specific lessons as you find you need them rather than spending too much time learning stuff you won’t need from a thorough book, video series, etc. Basically, when you come across something in my book that I recommend solving with a calculator, then you should make sure you learn how to do that thing. If the examples in my book aren’t enough, search out some videos for that function.

Quick list off the top of my head of what you should master:

  • Graphing functions
  • Zooming and changing window settings to see the important parts of functions
  • Resetting your view to standard zoom
  • Finding intersections of two functions
  • Finding minimums and maximums of curved functions
  • Finding zeros (x-intercepts) of functions
  • Viewing and manipulating the table of function values
  • Converting from decimals to fractions
  • Solving basic trig equations in both radians and degrees

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