Are all 8 of the CB practice tests equally challenging? My daughter is concerned that they may not be as challenging as the actual test and thinks some of the questions are “ridiculously easy” (remarked about test #2). She has been working through the daily PWN e-mail questions and has found a lot of them challenging (probably gets about 40% of them incorrect, but when she sees the solution, she understands). She got PSAT NMComm…some of the AdvMath got her and she wants to PWN the SAT!

Congrats on the high PSAT score!

I’d say the 8 tests are a fair representation of the range of difficulty you can expect to encounter. Some definitely feel tougher than others and their scoring tables reflect that. (Tests 4 and 8 are on the tougher side for math.)

Tests 5-8 were actually administered tests, so taking those ones especially should help ease the mind of anyone who worries that the real thing will be wildly different. Test day might feel different (nerves, etc.) but if you’ve taken tests 5-8, you’ve simulated the real thing about as well as you possibly can.

For someone with really high goals, most of the questions on any given test should seem easy. My Daily PWN questions are generally meant to be challenging; there should only be a few questions that hard on any given test.

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