Hello Mike,
I have a question regarding the order you follow in the PWN guide for the Official SAT Tests. Do you follow the order of the College Board website? I have a blue book The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 edition, with eight SAT tests. The order of the tests does not follow the same order as the one listed in the College Board website, and does not include tests 2 and 4 listed there. Thank you. Regards,

Hi, thanks for the question. This is confusing because the tests in the 2020 edition of the CB book are the same as the tests available on the CB website/Khan Academy. So the Test 10 in your book (which is the first test in the book??) is the same as Test 10 at the link.

At the end of my book, I have breakdowns for Tests 1-6, but Math Guide Owners registered on my site can download breakdowns for Tests 7-10, so all the tests in your book and online are covered. 🙂

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Hello Mike,
The tests on my Sat guide are the same as those on the CB website, but contains only 8 tests. It doesn’t include tests 2 and 4. The first test in the book correlates to test 10 in the CB website. I just wanted to confirm that the PWN guide follows the order on the CB website. I have already printed the ones my guide is missing. Thank you.

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