In my humble opinion, it’s my best book yet. Completely revised for the new SAT (which debuted March 2016), if you work through this book and the Official Tests released by College Board, you’ll be so prepped you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

You can buy the book at Amazon and most other online booksellers. You may also purchase a subscription to the digital version here.

You might even be able to get it at your favorite local bookstore, which can order it for you even if it doesn’t regularly stock it. All a store needs to order the book (if they can’t find it by title) is an ISBN number: 978-1523963577. You might even be able to get your library to buy a copy, which would mean you could read (but obviously not write in) the book for free! Give your librarian the same ISBN number.

Ownership has its privileges

Book owners are able to access the Math Guide Owners Area on this site, which contains solution videos, extra quizzes, and book updates. If you buy the book from the PWN store, you will receive instructions when your order is completed. If you buy the book elsewhere, you can verify your ownership; see below.

Verify your ownership

Click here to verify your book ownership. You’ll need to have your 4th edition Math Guide in hand for this.

Vital info

  • Pages (4th edition): 366
  • Practice questions: ≈250 in the end-of-chapter drills; a bunch more in each chapter
  • The Official Test Breakdown shows you which technique to use for every math question in the released College Board practice tests
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Print price: $29.99*
  • Digital price: $10.99*
  • ISBN: 978-1523963577
  • Amazon Reviews

*List prices. Online retailers usually sell the books at a discount.