Below you’ll find links to books that I recommend as part of a solid preparation plan. If you click through to Amazon and buy them from this page, I get a small commission, so thanks!

This is the College Board’s official book. It’s not very well reviewed, but that’s mostly because it contains nothing that you can’t also get for free online, and that’s not exactly what people expected when the book was launched. If you like having it all in a book, buy this. If you’d rather download and selectively print things yourself, click here to download the tests, and click here to download the rest of the book.

These is my book. I wrote it. Obviously, I think it’s great and I’m confident that it will help you. It’s available at, which you can get to by clicking the image above. The Math Guide is also available as an interactive guide.

Erica Meltzer continues to put out great materials that overflow with test-savvy insight and do just about as good a job as can be done imitating the style and themes of real SAT questions. If you’re a high-achiever trying to reach stratospheric Verbal scores, these are the books to help you get there. Visit Erica at

This is definitely an “off-label” use of these books, but I’ve been using them lately in tutoring sessions to make sure my students are strong on their arithmetic basics. If you are making “silly” mistakes on your practice tests, chances are pretty good that you’re really just rusty with the fundamentals. Spend five minutes a day going through these books as part of your prep, and you’re much less likely to lose points to “careless” errors.