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PWN the SAT: Math Guide‘s first edition came out in 2011. More than a decade later, across 5 editions and counting, with tens of thousands of copies sold, it remains a top-tier book for serious students aiming for top math scores. And now it’s available online. Purchase a 2-month or 6-month subscription today.

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  • Hundreds of practice questions
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  • Mobile and tablet ready so you can prep anywhere you have an internet connection
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Is this the same as the paperback Math Guide? Mostly. Putting it online creates the opportunity for some interactivity, and I’m taking advantage of that in ways I think you’ll like. The content will remain mostly synced with the latest edition of the paperback book.

Is the Math Guide Online mobile friendly? Yes, although some larger images will benefit from the occasional zoom.

Will I be charged until I cancel? No. This membership does not renew automatically. If you wish to continue access past the date of expiration, you may purchase an additional membership.


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