The following are the general rules for all contests run on Posts containing contests may contain additional rules. If posts containing contests state rules that conflict with the rules below, the rules in the contest posts supersede these rules.

  • In order to win any contest that requires commenting, you must not comment anonymously. I need to be able to get in touch with you in order to give you your prize.
  • If you win a physical prize (like a Math Guide), and you live outside the US, you will have to pay for shipping via PayPal. You’ll still get the book for free.
  • You cannot win the same prize more than once. So once you’ve won a Math Guide, please don’t try to win another one.
  • I am the sole judge in any contest. If it’s a speed contest (where the winner is the first one to post the correct answer) then the prize will be awarded based on the timestamps in my email. Every comment comes through to me in an email.
  • No answer changing. I use the emails I receive when you post comments to judge my contests. Edits applied to your comment later don’t count, even if the edit occurred before someone else won. Don’t post your comment until you’re sure of your answer.
  • I sometimes like to share winning comments on social media like Twitter andFacebook. If you don’t want me to share your comment with my tiny legion of followers, don’t enter.
  • Use good judgement when you pick usernames and when you compose your comment. If I deem your post (or username) offensive, I’ll delete it, and I might ban you from commenting on this site again. This is a family site.
  • This isn’t really a rule, but it’d be really cool of you to tell your friends about this site, especially if you win something worth money from it. Help a brother out—that’s just good manners. 🙂