I did a Google Image Search for “badass”
and this is what I got. Yes. I agree.
  1. Print your Admission Ticket. If your printer is going to decide to barf when it prints your ticket, better to find out today while you can still print it somewhere else. Tomorrow morning, that’d be a big deal. Today, not so much. File this one under “duh.” (Go here and sign in to print your ticket.)
  2. Check your calculator’s batteries. True story: my calculator died during the first math section when I got my 2400. Turns out long division still works! But seriously, even though I pwnd that test anyway, it would have been less stressful if I had use of my apparently-not-so-trusty TI-83.
  3. Set out everything else you’ll need for the test. Pencils (like 7 of them, sharpened), eraser, picture ID, non-beepy wristwatch.
  4. Watch The College Board’s Test Day Simulator. You don’t really need to do this unless you’re worried and you think it’ll help calm you down. It’s super-hokey and boring, but if you want a sneak peak at what the proctor will read to you unenthusiastically tomorrow morning, here you go.
  5. Watch a movie or something. Seriously, take your mind off the SAT for a bit. You’ve been sedulous in your preparation for months. Nothing you can do today is going to drastically change anything, and you want to walk in there tomorrow placid and well-rested, not panicked and enervated.
  6. Set your alarm. Yes, really. A lot of folks use cell phone alarms these days, and sometimes those are set only to go off Monday through Friday. Make sure your alarm is going to wake you up tomorrow.
  7. Before bed, walk through your vocab words one more time. You know them all. This is a security blanket action to help you sleep, not hard work. Just remind yourself how much you’ve learned. Now, take a deep breath. I think your pillow wants to tell you a secret.

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