If you’re not paying someone to help you prepare for the SAT, that doesn’t mean you should be going it completely alone. I hope you’re able to find some helpful things here on this site, but I figured I’d give you a few other things to add to your bookmarks bar as well:

  • College Confidential’s SAT Prep board – I check this once a day, and I’m constantly impressed by how smart, motivated, and willing to help their peers all the kids on there are. Some of them are a little too aggressive in assuming that everyone will learn best the same way they do, but hey — they’re kids. If you ask a question on here, a bunch of people will literally jump at the chance to help you out. I might be one of them.
  • erikthered.com/tutor – Erik’s site is very complete, but I think its utility suffers a bit from that. Some of his “Must-Know Facts and Formulas,” for example, aren’t really must-know. They’re all nice to know, and many of them might help you on math in school in addition to any help they’ll give you on the SAT, but I don’t feel like they focus you on the truly salient, score-moving concepts. It’s also a very mathy site, which isn’t really my style, but to each his own. Still, it’s a great effort, and it’s all free and in nicely printable form.
  • Khan Academy – An autodidact’s wet dream, this site. I’ve linked you to the video explanations of every single question in the Blue Book (the old version, anyway, which has tests 4-10 from the current one). If you go to the main site, there’s a video to explain every math concept under the sun. Again, I think the explanations here are at times unnecessarily mathy, but some people like that. If that’s you, go nuts. This Khan guy really likes making videos.

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