According to this article at The Princeton Review’s site, some kids from Great Neck North HS (that’s on Long Island, for those of you not from the NY metro area) are about to get SO totally busted. Can you pay someone to take the SAT for you? Yeah, I guess. Can you ever overcome the shame, guilt, and stigma if you get caught? I guess some folks are about to spend the next few years finding out.

To be clear: this kind of thing happens everywhere because some dishonest people are always scheming for ways to get ahead by paying for it instead of working for it, and some unscrupulous people are willing to do just about anything for a buck. It’s not endemic in Great Neck, and it’s not fair to the many kids there who work very hard for their scores to assume so.

I guess years of trying to shield my test papers in school have irrevocably changed me, though, because I love seeing cheaters get caught. Hence the LOL scroll.

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