If you visit regularly, you’ve maybe noticed that there’s only been one post so far this week. I’m sorry for that. I’ve been concentrating on trying to put together good Reading Comp passages and questions for you, and honestly it’s really difficult to do it right. Also, Portal 2 came out on Tuesday. That said, there will still be a weekend challenge question up later today, and hopefully I’ll be back to posting more regularly next week.

I’ve also been meaning to thank a few people for their kind words and links, and I might as well do it now since this post is as yet devoid of any useful information.

  • I’m very grateful for the links and praise that have been circulating lately over at the excellent College Confidential. If you’re not a member there, why not?
  • I’ve been enjoying a budding Twitter bromance with the writer of The YUNiversity. Great grammar tips there, presented with authority and panache. And you can ask him questions, which is cool.
  • Speaking of Twitter, I was humbled that last weekend’s challenge was linked in a tweet from Dr. Nancy Berk.
  • Michelle, Test Prep Tutor has been showing some link love, too. Thanks Michelle!
  • Someone set up a Facebook page for me! Oh, wait, that was me that did that one. Still, you should like me there. It’d really make me happy. You want to make me happy, don’t you?

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