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I took a SAT practice test and I was wondering if you could score my essay portion? thanks

Prompt: is creativity needed more than ever in the world today?

Humanity is in trouble. With the explosion of production, population, and enormous growth rates come harbingers of looming calamities. Human creativity has brought fourth innovations including atomic bombs, cars, and factories of which can cause issues for humanity’s survival. Creativity is a potent force with which can be used for both sides of the subjective good bad spectrum. It is creativity that threatens our existence and it is creativity that we need to cultivate to solve our problems. Creativity is needed more than ever.

The automobile has revolutionized the way we think of the world. We are no longer tied down by our feet, or the feet of horses. Cars have let us expand our bubble, making us as a whole much more connected. Although this convenience does not come without costs. Cars use up a disproportionately large amount of resources, and pollute our planet. To combat this problem, companies are starting to innovate new technologies such as hybrid cars, or going completely electric. Without creativity this problem would have never materialized in the first place, and without creativity this problem cannot be solved.

World war 2 ended with a bang, literally. Japan surrendered to the United States and her allies after 2 atomic bombs dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians experienced first hand what human creativity is capable of. It is debatable that the destruction of these cities prevented a full scale invasion of Japan, saving lives on both sides. Creativity can be used for creation and destruction and it’s important that we steer it towards the former.

Humans should always uphold creativity as it is the characteristic that makes us distinctly different. It is the tool for which good and bad comes from. It is the reason you are reading this right now. Creativity is needed now more than ever.

Hi Dylan,
I’d give this a 10…but it was a hard one to grade. You’re a good writer, but at the same time you didn’t really make an argument. 

You’ve used two examples of what you consider creativity, and you’ve said that we need it now more than ever, but why? Why does the atomic bomb example mean that we need creativity now more than ever? SAT essays are not tests of whether you know what creativity is and whether you can meditate on its definition. Resist the urge to just talk about creativity and what it IS. Tell me why we need it by giving me examples of where it would be helpful. 

If you’re going to argue that creativity is important, you should concentrate on identifying problems that require creative solutions. You were onto something with cars. You could also go that way with a number of current issues: US Healthcare, the economic slowdown, etc. You could also talk about something less important, like two coaches facing off in the Superbowl, and how the one who is more creative might win.

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