Things have been absolutely bonkers for me lately, a fact which has been deleterious to the frequency of posts on this site. Although I’ve been keeping up with the Q&A alright, long-form posts on this blog have taken a bit of a back seat. That probably bothers me more than it bothers you, but I’ve decided to run guest posts every so often to stave off any staleness around here, and to give a voice to some colleagues of mine who I deem to be legit.

Peter Peng is a fellow Brunonian and a tutor based in Los Angeles, although I understand he does the online tutoring thing, so he’s a citizen of the world. He’s been working on an SAT book of his own, of which I’ve seen only excerpts. I hunger for more. He’ll be posting around here every so often, and I’m sure he’ll be so kind as to provide you his contact information should you want to get to know him better.

You’ll be hearing from Peter relatively soon. You’ll know which posts are his because they’ll be clearly marked, and you’ll be able to read all his posts, should you desire, by clicking your way to the brand new Peter Peng label.

Ever true,

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