May SAT scores are in today, and as is usual for a score day, site traffic is up. Sincerest congratulations to all who have achieved their goals—you have earned yourself a summer of doing something other than SAT prep. Try to stay mostly out of trouble.

If you’re a bit disappointed today, keep your chin up. A low score is not a reflection on your character, nor is it an indelible mark on your academic career. It’s a reflection of a moment in time—specifically May 5, 2012. A lot can change between then and October. And it’s within your power to make that happen.

This site is all about helping you make the changes you need to make. I hope, whether you’re planning to self study, take a course, or work with a tutor, that you find some useful information here that helps you along the way. Here are a few places you might like to start.

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