My apartment is thankfully unscathed, but my city took a beating yesterday, and the town I grew up in is 100% without power. I hope, if you live in Sandy’s path, that you and your family are doing well. But of course, not everyone is, and some people have lost a whole lot.

I will send a free Math Guide to the first 32 people (US residents only) who donate $31.42 or more to the Red Cross after reading this post.

To get your free book, you must follow these directions EXACTLY:
  1. Go to the Red Cross donation page
  2. Donate $31.42 or more
  3. Check the box next to “Make This Donation In Honor Of” and type whatever you want in the box below. You could make it “in honor of” PWN the SAT if you want, but you could also make it in honor of your grandmother. The important thing is that you generate an E-Card. Keep reading.
  4. Select E-Card
  5. In the Recipient Email Addresses box, type “”
  6. In the E-Card Subject box, type “MATH GUIDE”
  7. In the E-Card Message box, type your COMPLETE mailing address (and if you want confirmation that I got your E-Card, your email address)
  8. In the Send E-Card On box, enter today’s date
  9. Complete the transaction by entering your billing info and stuff
  10. Feel good about helping others, and enjoy your Math Guide!

Please note that I’m doing this because I think it’d be really cool for us to generate more than $1,000 in relief funds. I am not doing this because I want to take on a whole bunch of administrative work. I’ve spelled out the directions pretty clearly here, so please follow them closely.

Once I get 32 emails (if I get 32 emails) I’ll update this post to let you know that I’m done giving away books, but it’s still a really nice thing to do to give money to charity, even if I can’t reward you for it directly.

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