A little while back, when Apple announced the iPad mini, they also announced something WAY more exciting: LaTeX for iBooks Author! That means it’s possible to display complex formulas in an ebook now. I know, right? SO cool.

Anyway, I decided to play around with it a bit and made a short little book out of a few old weekend challenges, and tried to put it up for free on the iTunes Store. Apple doesn’t want it, because books “must not include references or links to a website that sells eBooks or competes with iTunes or the iBookstore.” In other words, the fact that the book references my site, which links to Google Play, which sells the electronic version of my full Math Guide, basically disqualifies me. Even when I took all the links and references to the Math Guide out of the book, it was still rejected—it’s still got PWN the SAT in the name. So…crap. I didn’t want to jump through any more hoops just to give something away for free. I was thinking about just canning the whole project when something obvious occurred to me: Why don’t I just give the .pdf away myself?

Yeah. Let’s just do that.

I hope you have fun with this. And if you don’t, well, at least it’s free!

Click here to download “7 Deadly Math Problems Volume 1”

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