A quick post today to focus your attention on something I think is really cool about this new iteration of PWNtheSAT.com—your stats page.


You can reach it from any page on the site as long as you’re logged in—just to the right of your username in the top right corner. Once you’re in, there’s a whole lot going on. I encourage you to explore every tab, but the two I really want you to pay attention to are the first two tabs.


The “Skills by Category” tab will tell you how well you’ve done by question category on all the quizzes you’ve taken. So, for example, if you wanted to see how well you’ve performed on right triangle questions, you can do that here.

The “Progress” tab (EDIT: now renamed the “My Quizzes” tab for clarity) links you to all the quizzes you’ve taken, and all the ones you haven’t. This is really useful, since I’m adding new quizzes all the time and you won’t find all of them listed on the home page. If you’re looking to take a quiz you haven’t taken before, this is where you should look.

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