A few updates you might be interested in.

First, if you like discounted digital SAT prep books, then you’re in luck! For the next week—11/17 through 11/24—there will be crazy promotional prices on the digital versions of the Math Guide and Essay Guide. (Why? No particular reason—it’s just something I figured out how to do, so I’m doing it.) Anyway, for the entire week, the Math Guide will cost $1.99, down from $13.99. The Essay Guide will be a “Kindle Countdown Deal,” which means it will start at $0.99 and gradually get more expensive until it gets back up to its normal price of $8.99.

I think the Math Guide deal works for the whole world, although I can only guarantee that it’s going to work in the US. The Essay Guide deal is only for US customers. This is all a function of the stores the books are in (Google Play and Kindle, respectively). If you’re outside the US and the discounts don’t work, well, I’m sorry. I can’t help. :/

Second, just for fun, I’m going to print a limited sticker run featuring the image at the top of this post, which an old friend made for me. If you’d be interested in a sticker, fill out the form below. The first 100 responses will get a 3.5″ square sticker in the mail. Sorry, international friends—this is only for folks in the US, (unless you want a sticker bad enough to pay for international postage.)

(Update 11/25/14: If you requested a sticker, you should get it in a few days.)

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