Hi. I’am an international student. Last year, I planned to take the current SAT but it turned out to be impossible for a few personal reasons. To prepare for the old SAT, though, I bought several books, including yours, Erica’s (all 3) and some other vocab books. Although I will definitely buy some new ones to prep for the redesigned SAT in the future, I still wish to use the books I’ve purchased effectively. So do you have any suggestions on how to utilize them?

Well, first of all, you still have over half a year to prep for the current SAT. If you’re ready to start now, that’s not a bad idea. If that’s not possible, well, then the books you have will be of some use, but they’re not really targeted at the same exam you’ll be taking. So it’s a bit like preparing for an ice hockey game by practicing roller skating. Similar, but not the same.

Vocab will still be important on the new SAT, but probably a bit less than it is currently. You’ll need to know fewer words, but really know the words you do know.

As far as math goes, geometry is much less in focus on the new test. It’s a big part of my book, because it’s a big part of the current test. You can probably go easy on that part and not worry too much about the most difficult questions. Trigonometry and complex numbers aren’t part of the current book at all because they’re not on the current test. Etc.

In conclusion, I guess, the way I’d use the books you already bought if you’re taking the new SAT is as a reference when you come across content you don’t know on a practice test, rather than books you need to read cover-to-cover, as some of that stuff is going to be less relevant (or not relevant at all) on the new test.

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