Lauren was often labeled easygoing because she tended to appear mild and _______ rather than tense and _____
A) Sullen… Serious
B) relaxed… Excitable
C) joyful… Intelligent
D) slow… Patient
E) likable… Humorous

Got pretty confused on this question :/
Also, is there any way to ask you Passage questions? Could I like attach a pic of the passage?
Btw, your blog and book, both are amazing. ☺

Most of the time in a sentence completion question, the sentence tells you what it wants. In this case, it wants a word that’s pretty compatible with “mild” for the first blank, and a word that’s pretty compatible with “tense” for the second blank.

If you just look at the choices for the first blank only, you’re basically there. The only one of those words that fits well with “mild” is “relaxed.” So check to make sure “excitable” fits with “tense”—it sure does. Does the sentence make sense altogether? Is someone who’s labeled “easygoing” generally “relaxed” and not “exciteable”? Yep.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m not real keen on doing passage questions here, though. They just tend to take me a lot of time to explain well, and they usually don’t end up helping anyone but the person who asked the question.

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Thanks,do you know of any other place where I could ask my passage Questions? Or do you know any place where I could get explanations for answers in a particular QAS since the QAS itself does not give any explanations. This has made using the QAS tests as practice very difficult. :/

Although a lot of people use them to study, the purpose of the QAS, according to the College Board, is just for the people who actually took the test to see their mistakes. That’s why there’s no official repository of explanations.

You might consider trying to get a conversation going in the forum…

Hmm.. I’ve seen a lot of people ask you questions from specific SATs like Jan 2014, March 2014 etc. Do you have access to these? Could I ask you a question from these?

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