Ok, so my plan was to take the November SAT and if I was not satisfied, to take the SAT again in December. January would be an extreme case backup. This was because I wanted at least three shots at the current version. However, i just discovered that by the time the November scores come out, the registration date for the December SAT is way past already! Any way to circumvent this? I really do want to take the December SAT too.

No way to circumvent it. The prudent move is to register for the November and December tests at the same time, and not to take a break in your prep between the tests. If, when the November scores come out, you hit your mark, then you can stop prepping and bail on the December test—you lose your registration fee but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. If the November scores come out and you’re not happy, well, then you’ll be glad that you didn’t stop prepping, and that you’re already signed up for the December test. At that point, it might make sense to sign up for January as a just-in-case, and proceed in the same way.

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That makes sense. Yeah, I’ll do that. I heard that one can also cancel or change one’s testing date? Will that be possible here? And is this a good plan?

Not sure how late you can reschedule, but also not sure it’ll matter much in your case—either you’ll want to take it again as soon as possible to maximize the number of times you can take before the test changes, or you won’t want to take it anymore period in which case why bother rescheduling? I don’t think you can ever cancel and get a refund, but I suppose you could confirm that with College Board.

As for whether it’s a good plan, yeah, it’s fine. I’m assuming you have your reasons for not taking the October test. Given the hard deadline where January is the last time the current test is ever given, I can’t think of any other approach I’d recommend instead.

Yeah, I’m planning on studying really hard this summer and taking the SAT as many times as it takes because the new formatting of the SAT is really freaking me out. In light of that, I’ve already purchased your book and I’m looking forward to using it!

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