Is it possible to use examples in the SAT Essay from books that I haven’t read but have gone through their summaries?

Yeah, although I wouldn’t unless I didn’t have any other examples I could use that I knew a little better. You write best when you know what you’re writing about very well.

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The thing is , I am an international student and the books that are commonly used as SAT examples like 1984, Of Mice and Men etc. are not prescribed in our high school syllabus at all. So what am I supposed to do?

And is it acceptable to use examples from fantasy books and movies?

Anything you have read in school would be fine. The advantage to using that stuff, even if your readers haven’t heard of it, is that you may have discussed important themes, etc. in your class. Fantasy books and movies are also fine, but if you only have a superficial summary of them, rather than a real analysis, you won’t impress your readers.

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