But we stood in thrall to the brave new world it represented. We’d all read the accompanying brochure and knew the caravan allied the power of progress with the concept of free will: we would Travel in the Modern Way and Go As We Pleased. Although we never did. We went where our mother told us

-The narrator uses capital letters to? i was left with A.gently poke at certain concepts E.indirectly hint at the unusualness of some beliefs then i chose E but it turned out to be the answer is A. Why?

A is a pretty good choice—why didn’t you like it?

I’d say you can get rid of E because of the word “beliefs.” It’s not a belief to go as one pleases, nor to “travel in the modern way.” Also, even if you could stretch the meaning of “beliefs” to encompass those concepts, they wouldn’t be that unusual. Lots of people go as they please.

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