Bonjour Mike,

Timing / 800 question. I’ve been practicing with old SAT papers. I’ve got a decent sample size now, and the trend has been that I will oscillate between 0 wrong and 2 wrong. What has been constant though is that I always finish with less than or a minute to spare (without rushing). (There have been a few occasions where I’ve got stuck and had to go back). In your experience of students who achieve 800 are they finishing a lot quicker ? going back and checking at least once ?

Most students I’ve known who got 800 were pretty quick draws by the end of their prep, but if you start pushing yourself on timing, you’re pretty likely to start paying for it in careless errors. It’s always a bad trade-off to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Just keep doing your thing. If the speed wants to come, it’ll come. If not, what’s wrong with finishing a section right on time if you’re 100% accurate?

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