Ok so I just found out about the new essay grading policy for the Essay Guide Owners.
The thing is, I am an international with no reputable SAT tutor near me. One of the major reasons why I bought your Essay guide was because it offered online grading by you, someone I’d come to trust after reading your math guide and seeing huge improvements. So my question is, if I purchase your essay guide again after my three essays are over, would you be able to grade another 3?

To get everyone else caught up: since I released the Essay Guide, I have offered a service whereby folks who purchased the book became registered owners on this site could submit essays to be graded by me. Most people submitted one or two, and the volume of essays I received on a weekly basis was not overwhelming, so I never set an explicit limit on the number of submissions.

In the weeks leading up to the October test, the volume became, for the first time, pretty overwhelming: grading essays started taking up a lot of my time. I didn’t think it was fair to institute a policy change right before a test, so I waited until after the test to announce that, going forward, there is a three essay limit per user. Essays submitted before the policy change don’t count. (In your case, question asker, that means the four I’ve already graded for you don’t count, but the one you submitted today counts against your limit. After today, you have two more to submit for free.)

My thinking on this particular policy is that three essays is enough for a user to get feedback and improve, but few enough that students who are really interested in improving won’t submit essays before they read the book, or submit multiple essays of identical quality on the same day.

Anyway, to answer your question, send me an email once you’ve used up your free ones and we can figure out a way to have you continue to submit more without you having to buy a new book that you don’t need.

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Umm.. Yeah,I get your point but you missed out my question. What if I purchase your guide again after my 3 essays are over. Will you be able to grade another 3?

Honestly, most people who post essays on this site never bother to come back to tell me what they got on the real thing, so I don’t know. I’m usually pretty close with students I actually tutor in person, so I have every reason to believe I’m good—it’s just a much smaller sample size that the people who submit through the site.

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