Hey mike! Before the october exam i spent 2 months studying SAT everyday from 7 am till 4 in the afternoon. obviously i cant follow the same routine while prepping for the december exam because i have school in the morning so i was wondering if you had an effective studying routine i can follow if i wanna raise my score from 2090 to a 2200

I hope you don’t take this as an insult, but I have to confess that when I hear people say things like what you just said, which is fairly often, I literally cannot fathom what they are doing for all that time. How did you spend 2 months studying 9 hours a day for this one test? What did you actually do during all that time?

I’m strongly of the opinion that improving your SAT score does not require such brute force. Figure out your weaknesses, and address them. With all that prep already under your belt, you should have plenty of data in old tests to go back through and figure out patterns in the kinds of mistakes you’re making. Those patterns should inform what you focus on going forward. Even if you can’t identify patterns, if you simply make sure that you are now capable of teaching a total neophyte how to do every question you originally missed on a practice test, that should help you move the needle.

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Thank you! I actually solved just about every prep book available in those 2 months and finished all the real sat exams. Only after visiting this website i realized i didnt have to be so hard on myself

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