I got 1970 in October test;however,at home, I usually get +2100. I did a lot of effort in studying ,but my score shows that I did nothing. What is my problem? This is so frustrating and heartbreaking. I have your math guide and scored in the test 690(which is not good at all) although I usually score at home 800. I am willing to do anything that could help me reach my desired score,but what should I do? I am willing to practice for days but that doesn’t seem to bring good results on the test day

Time for some self-reflection. When you score 800 on practice tests at home but fall far short of that on the real thing, here are the most common causes:

  • You weren’t timing yourself strictly at home
  • You were giving yourself a few breaks at home (e.g. “Oh, that was a careless mistake—I’m not counting it as wrong.”)
  • You were overcome by pressure/anxiety during the real test

So you need to sit down and figure out what was different between your great practice tests and your not-as-great real thing. And then you need to start addressing those differences in your subsequent practice sessions. Make sure you simulate the real thing as closely as you can when you practice. (See: How to take a practice test.) If you suffer from test anxiety, start working on ways to address it. Everyone’s different in that way, so you need to find the coping strategies that will work best for you. Brute force “practice for days” is not necessarily the solution, as that often serves only to increase pressure.

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