Hey Mike!
I was just wondering whether any of the tests in the Online course provided by College Board are real previously administered tests? I read this somewhere but was not able to find any official info.

I don’t believe any of those tests were actually administered, but I have not done an exhaustive comparison. Maybe someone can chime in in the comments if they know for sure.

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Hi Mike,

I have been reading your blogs for a while and I must say they are quite helpful! I have a few concerns regarding the SAT (I will be taking it in November- 2 weeks away). First, my practice tests (official ones from Collegeboard) seem to have scores that are all over the board. I got a 2360 on one, and then 2100+ on a few and a couple 2200+, I was wondering how close these scores will be as an indication of my actual score. Should I go in expecting a 2100+ or should I dare to dream for a 2300+.

PS. all these tests were administered in strict test environments- proper breaks, timed section, grading, and so on.

Please let me know your thoughts


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