…but if you took the test, you probably already knew that. In all likelihood, if you’re reading this blog, you were probably up clicking refresh on the College Board website at 5am so that you could see how you did the very second scores went live.

I really, truly hope that when you did see your scores, you were thrilled.

If you weren’t, of course, then you’re probably acutely aware that you only have 3 more chances to take the SAT in its current form before it’s changed forever.

Here’s the good news: the current test is very intimately known by those of us who work in test prep. It’s been around for a little over 10 years, after all. If you want to improve and you have the will to devote yourself to some good prep, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to better your score.

There’s no time to waste, though. So dust yourself off, convert your disappointment to motivation, and start transforming your weaknesses into strengths.

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How does the score for multiple choice writing (20-80) correlate to how many I got wrong. Is it like 2 points out of 80 per wrong question?

No, it’s calculated just like other scaled scores, which is to say it’s complicated and they don’t release their methodology. Every practice test has that conversion table, so you can go back and check how you did on that scale on all your old practice tests, but most people ignore the MC score and just focus on the total writing score, since that’s the headline number.

Meh kind of disappointed: school got in the way…I’m doing November though, hopefully my scores get better (and have an easy essay like October’s). If I tank November’s I’ll just do January’s; I’ll have an entire winter break to work on SAT review (assuming that actually happens :P)

2370! I’m happy with my score, but not so happy with the breakdown: 800 CR 770 M 800 W

I plan on applying to very selective colleges (such as MIT and Stanford), and I know these colleges regularly see 800s on the math section of the SAT.

Question: Do you think I should chance a retake for that perfect Math? I don’t want to lose my CR and W scores, though.

I can’t believe ONE really STUPID mistake is causing me all this worry…I multiplied two numbers instead of adding them and realized SECONDS before the section ended…

Please help!

Bro…the difference between a 2370 vs a 2400 is so insignificant. That 770 on math is fine. It’s not worth it to retake! Congratulations on a phenomenal score 🙂

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