November scores are out today and I got a 2120! (Almost a 200 point increase from my first SAT) Your Essay Guide and Math Guide helped so much (although there is still room to improve for my math so I’ll be working on that) so thank you! Critical Reading is still my weakest category… to improve in that category, should I just do more practice sections?

Wow, congrats! 200 points when you’re already starting around 1900 is a big improvement that’s tough to get!

To improve your critical reading score further, you’re going to have to get better at eliminating wrong choices. Every time you get a reading question wrong on a practice test, go back and figure out not only why the correct answer is correct, butwhy the answer you chose should have been eliminated. There is no second best answer—there are 4 wrong ones and 1 right one. Start thinking about CR in those terms, and review passages diligently, and your score will (slowly) improve.

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