Ok, so I’m in a very weird position right now. I got a 2290 on my November SAT(first attempt) with a 800 in M, 740 in CR and 750 in W. I had already registered for the Dec SAT because the deadline for registration was much before the Nov. scores were released. Now I’m in a dilemma. I have not had any time to practice and I know increasing my score will require a lot of focused prep. What do you recommend I do? Also, is it true that after 2250, all scores have the same value to colleges?

Well, you basically have two options:

  1. Just skip the test and eat the registration fee. Your scores really are good enough that no school is going to reject you because of them. If you get rejected, you can confidently blame something other than your scores.
  2. Take it just in case you improve a tiny bit, but don’t send the scores anywhere unless you do improve.

It doesn’t matter much either way in the grand scheme of things. A year from now, when you’re in college somewhere, you’ll look back on this and think it was a silly thing to lose sleep over. 🙂

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