In a certain game, Each person threw a beanbag at a target until the person missed the target. The table shows the result for the 25 people who played the game. 4 people hit the target on their first 3 throws and missed on their 4th throw.Based on the information in the table, whic of the following must be true?

I.More than half of the people hit the target on their first throw
ll.For all of the throws attempted, more hit the target than missed the target
lll.No one hit the target 5 times

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The thing to understand here is that everyone throws until they miss. So if you got 5 throws, that means you hit the target 4 times, and missed on your 5th throw. So the only people who missed the target on their 1st throw are the 7 people who only had one throw. Since there were 25 people overall, and only 7 missed on their first throw, I is true.

II is also true: Everyone had exactly 1 miss. Since more people had at least 1 hit than people had 0 hits, you know there were more hits than misses overall.

III is also true. If anyone hit the target 5 times, they would have had at least 6 throws, since hitting the target the 5th time would mean you get to throw again. Since the highest number of throws was 5, that highest number of hits was 4.

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