Hey Mike! I’m studying for my 2nd SAT which I will be taking on Jan 23. On my first SAT I got a 2190 and I am aiming for a 2250 on this upcoming one. My question is whether it is better to study 1 section exclusively for a few days and then switch to another one for a few days (like just Math for 4 days and then just Writing for 4 days), or whether it is better to switch the section daily (i.e. Math 1 day, Writing 1 day, and CR 1 day). Or is it better to all three in 1 day, everyday? Thank you!

I don’t have data on this, but my feeling is that it’s best to do a bit of everything every day. Part of the difficulty of the test is changing gears, so you might as well incorporate that into your practice.

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