Hey Mike. My biggest struggle at the moment is questions with roman numerals such as ‘which of the following must be/could be true’, where they then give 3 roman numeral choices. I know that I should create examples with plug-in, but I find that method to be pretty hit and miss for me, as I sometimes forget to try out a specific case which ends up making me chose the wrong choice. What method do you use when faced with these? Do you have a reliable plug-in methodology or some other approach?

If you know what you sometimes forget to do, then you’re most of the way towards not forgetting to do it anymore. Not trying to be glib; that’s really how we learn.

These questions give a lot of people trouble. The first thing is to note whether it’s a “must” or a “could” question, as the approach is different depending on which you’re dealing with. If it’s a must, you’re looking for counterexamples. If it’s a “could,” you’re looking for examples. From there, whether you get the question right or not will depend on your expertise in the underlying topic, not the Roman numeral question structure.

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