Hey Mike, I am pretty strong in word probs, and on this one, I keep getting an answer of 7 chips, but correct answer says 11 chips. I don’t get it !

Erin and Amy are playing poker. At a certain point in the game, Erin has 3 more chips than Amy. On the next hand, Erin wins 4 chips from Amy. Now how many more chips does Erin have than Amy?
A) -1
B) 1
C) 7
D) 11
E) 14

I think plugging in might help you see what’s going on here.

Say Erin has 13 chips and Amy has 10. That way, Erin has 3 more than Amy, just like the question says. Now Erin wins 4 chips from Amy. Erin ends up at 17 chips, right? But she got those 4 chips from Amy, so Amy’s chip total has to go from 10 to 6.

17 – 6 = 11


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