The figure above shows part of the path of a planned roller coaster hill. What is the sum, in feet, of the vertical height and horizontal distance that the roller coaster will travel while on this particular hill?
A) 220
B) 300
C) 460
D) 900

Upload the image in the comments, and then I’ll help you out!

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Boy, this isn’t a very good question. I guess we’re supposed to assume that the x-axis here represents the horizontal distance (and not the path difference)?

Anyway, note that the height is given in yards. There are 3 feet in a yard, so multiply the height you get off the graph by 3. 3(80) + 110 isn’t an answer, though. Is there supposed to be a dot at (0, 0)? If not, maybe they’re looking for you to start at the point that looks like it’s about (10, 15), which would make the answer more like 3(65) + 100. That gets you pretty close to choice B.

Either way, don’t sweat this one very hard. Real questions won’t be this poorly written.

but I found that this question’s answer is C I know it’s very strange and obscure … But really how u get 65 cuz I don’t know and why +100

I found another way if he is talking on all this graph so .. it’s 3*100 + 125 = 425 so it’s close from the answer as it’s C …

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