Big day today in SAT land—March SAT scores are finally out for most test-takers, and the College Board has released a score conversion app that allows users to compare old SAT scores to new SAT scores. I messed around with the converter a bit tonight. Interestingly, new SAT scores seem to be higher than old SAT scores. For example, 600 Verbal 600 Math on the new SAT would be only 550 Reading 580 Math 530 Writing on the old SAT. Likewise, 700s on the new SAT would be 660R 670M 650W on the old SAT, and 500s on the new SAT would be 460R 460M 430W on the old SAT.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I found these results surprising. That said, I’m just plugging in round values to get a rough sense of what’s going on. I’m curious what those of you who took the old SAT and also have scores from the March (new) SAT are seeing. Are the concordance tables accurate?

(I’ve discovered since the first version of this post, wherein I complained that College Board didn’t just release tables, that they actually did also release tables. My bad! You can find those here if, like me, you’d rather get a view of the whole field at once.)

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