This is not really SAT specific or even particularly SAT useful, but I made the video above to help you create a basic quadratic formula program for your TI graphing calculator if that’s a thing you’d like to do.

If you’ve programmed things into your calculator before and don’t feel like watching a whole video, you can also just enter the program below. Make sure you’re careful with your quotation marks and parentheses, and always test the program with multiple quadratics to make sure it’s always giving you correct answers before you use it for anything important.

:Disp "AX2+BX+C=0"
:Prompt A
:Prompt B
:Prompt C
:Disp "ROOTS:"
:Disp (-B+√(B2-4AC))/(2A)
:Disp (-B—√(B2-4AC))/(2A)


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