T2 Sec3 #16

To solve this question, you basically need to make $3000 out of $250 and $750 increments. The thing to note right away is that $3000 and $750 are both multiples of $250, so as long as you choose a number of $750 bonuses that add up to less than $3000, you will be able to land on a whole number of $250 bonuses.

For example, let’s say only one $750 bonus is given out. Then there must be $2250 in $250 bonuses, which means there were \dfrac{2250}{250}=9 $250 bonuses.

Other acceptable answers:

  • Two $750 bonuses –> \dfrac{1500}{250}=6 $250 bonuses.
  • Three $750 bonuses –> \dfrac{750}{250}=3 $250 bonuses.

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