Whats the best and fastest way of doing Practise test 1, section 4, question 23?

Would it be calculating the ratio of all the options and then comparing it to the Human Resources ratio?


Yeah, that’s the best and fastest way, although you can save yourself some calculator keystrokes by rounding. This isn’t just a time saver: the more keystrokes you make, the more likely you are to make an error! Rounding to the nearest million (it’s already in thousands) will work just fine. So, my calculations would look like this:

Human resources 2007 to 2010: \dfrac{4051}{5921}=0.68

Agriculture/natural resources 2007 to 2010: \dfrac{374}{488}=0.77

Education 2007 to 2010: \dfrac{2165}{3008}=0.72

Highways and transportation 2007 to 2010: \dfrac{1468}{1774}=0.83

Public safety 2007 to 2010: \dfrac{263}{464}=0.57

There you have it: the Human resources and Education budgets have the closest ratios.

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