For the question 8 about plugging in
I plugged in 30 for the number of desks, and so e=25 and c=48. But, it didn’t match any of the answer choices. I don’t understand what went wrong. I checked it over and over again. Pleease help aaaaa

Thanks for the question, but I think you mean #10? This one?

Let’s go step by step, starting with your choice of 30 for the number of desks. Five desks are not occupied, so you’re correct that there are 25 employees. So far so good.

All but two employees have two chairs. So 23 employees have 2 chairs each—46 chairs. Here’s the tricky part: all other desks, whether occupied or not, have one chair. That means the 2 employees that don’t have two chairs plus the 5 empty desks each have a chair at them. So there are 46 + 2 + 5 = 53 chairs.

Which expression is equal to 53? Choice D works: 2e + 3 = 2(25) + 3 = 53.

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