Test 5 Section 4 Number 22

There are a lot of words here, and many of them are necessary! They tell you that Mr. Camp’s class is representative of the 8th grade classes in that state. That means you can assume that if 34.6% of the students in Mr. Camp’s class have at least 2 siblings, then 34.6% of 8th grade students across the state have at least 2 siblings.

If there are 1,800 8th grade classes in the state, with an average class size of 26, then there are 1,800\times 26=46,800 8th graders in the state.

34.6% of them have at least 2 siblings. HOWEVER, the question asks how many have fewer than 2 siblings!  So we don’t need to solve for 100% – 34.6% = 65.4% of those students.

\dfrac{65.4}{100}\times 46,800=30,607.2

That rounds to 30,600, which is choice C.

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