Is it necessary for the math calculator section to have a graphing calculator like, say, a T1-84? I have CASIO fx-300ES plus, which is a scientific calculator. Are there any tricks which can help in the graph questions on SAT with this calculator.

It’s certainly not necessary—a scientific calculator in the right hands is more than enough to answer any question on the SAT. I do believe that there are times when using the graphing function of a graphing calculator is useful (e.g., to quickly see the intercepts of a function) and I have tried to point out those times in my book. However, there are other ways to achieve the same ends without graphing (e.g., manipulating function equations into forms that reveal intercepts).

I can’t think of any graph question tricks that apply to non-graphing calculators—if you don’t have the graphing option you just have to do the problem a different way.

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