I’ve been stuck at a math section score of 670. In addition to reviewing the topics related to the questions I got wrong on practice SATs in the PWN book, is there any other thing that would help, or should I just review the concepts of the questions I missed in the PWN book and I should be fine?

Without knowing a lot more about your situation it’s hard for me to be specific, but here are some questions to guide your thinking about other things you could/should be doing.

First, what do you mean by stuck? Like you got 670 twice? Or like you got it 4 times in a row? Improvements are rarely linear, so try to be patient with yourself as you deploy new techniques and solidify your content review. Sometimes it takes more than one test for those things to sink in and become second nature.

How are your mistakes distributed? Are you missing only hard questions, or are there some you think you really should have gotten (i.e., the ubiquitous “careless errors”)? Are you making more mistakes in no-calc than in calc sections? In grid-ins? Understanding where you’re losing points along multiple dimensions can help you figure out how to lose fewer of them.

How are you doing on time? Are you rushing to finish and losing points at the ends of sections? Are you finishing early? If so, how are you spending the time you have left?

What is your goal score? How many can you safely miss to hit it? Can you therefore ignore a less common topic that really drives you nuts and just plan to guess on that one or two questions if they come up?


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