Could you do Test 8 section 4 question 24 for me?

I can’t understand why the answer is D and not C.

It’s not A because we have no way of knowing what the people who didn’t vote thought.

It’s not B because we know nothing about the age of the people voting.

It’s not C because the votes are worth the same whether they come in via social media or text message. If you change the method by which some people voted, you don’t change their votes.

(By the way, we know contestant 2 won 70% of 30% of the votes, and 40% of 70% of the votes. That means she lost: 0.7\times 0.3 = 0.21 and 0.4\times 0.7 = 0.28, so contestant 2 won 21% + 28% = 49% of the vote.

It is D because we know contestant 2 won 70% of the social media vote, and choice D is basically asking whether that’s true. If 70% of social media voters voted for contestant 2, then social media voters were more likely to prefer candidate 2, period.

On a question like this, look for reasons to eliminate choices rather than looking for reasons to accept choices. Otherwise, sometimes it’s easy to get tricked by a choice that sounds pretty good at first (like C) but doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

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