Renting video games from The Video Vendor costs
$6 per game with no annual membership fee. Renting
video games from The Game Garage costs $3 per
game, but a customer must pay an additional $60 for
an annual membership. If n represents the number of
video games a customer rents in a year, which of the
following gives all values of n for which it costs less
to rent from The Game Garage than from The Video

Reminder: when the question says “which of the following…” and the answer choices are equations or expressions or really anything other than plain numbers, you should include the choices when you submit the question.

But I’ll do my best here. The costs at Video Vendor are 6n. The costs at Game Garage are 3n+60.

So it will cost less to rent from Game Garage when 3n+60<6n. We can simplify that.


I imagine the correct answer some version of one of those?

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