Hello Mike, I was struggling to make sense of question #6 on the Math (No calculator) section on the SAT Practice Test #8. Can you please explain the steps to properly solve it. Thank you for your time.

I like to plug in here. We know that y>2x-1 and that 2x>5. So…what if 2x=5.1?

Well, in that case, we’d have to say y>5.1-1, or y>4.1.

We could take this to a bit more of an extreme if we like. What if 2x=5.0000001?

Well, then we would plug 5.0000001 in for 2x and end up with y>4.0000001.

We could try to go even smaller (2x=5.0000000000000001?) but I think you get the point. Choice B is what we want.

Try as we might, there’s nothing we can plug in for 2x based on the given 2x>5 that will allow y to be 4 or less. So y must be greater than 4.

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